Women of Inspiration

WISE NYC Metro Chapter Women of Inspiration awards event and year-end holiday celebration honors women who embody the WISE mission. Our chapter Women of Inspiration honorees are making a positive impact on the business of sports and events while serving as positive role models and mentors for other women.

Announcing the 2021 NYC Metro Chapter Women of Inspiration

Someone who prevailed through the pandemic, social distancing, networking, and building their career from home. Someone who truly inspired all of us... This year's winner is -- You!

As the WISE NYC Metro Board considered women who have managed to find new ways to grow during the most challenging period of our lifetime -- from both a professional and personal standpoint -- we realized how many of our members have inspired all of us.

So many of you at different stages of your careers and in every aspect of sports business have still found the means to produce quality work, mentor others, and continue to grow professionally in ways none of us would have ever dreamed possible before March 2020.

We had hoped that our 2021 Women of Inspiration could be celebrated in person, but as we continue to observe safety protocols -- and after a year-and-a-half of of Zoom events -- we determined that the best way to show our appreciation to our members is by presenting each of you with a gift that recognizes your continued commitment to the WISE mission, our chapter and our industry. In so many different ways, each of you has served as an inspiration to us and your colleagues and you deserve this recognition!
Congratulations to the WISE NYC Metro Chapter Members -- Our 2021 Women of Inspiration!

The entry period to submit your "inspired" stories has ended. 
Thank you to all of our members who shared their personal stories of inspiration.

Member gifts will be delivered to all members who participated at the shipping address entered on your member profile. Due to supply chain issues out of our control, we anticipate deliveries will be made by end of February 2022.

To review the personal stories shared by NYC Metro Chapter members on what inspired them over the past year, visit us at @wisenycmetro across all social media -- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN. Stories posting daily throughout the month of December.